Tips for Recovery from Spinal Surgery

Doctor consulting with patient Back problems Physical therapy Your spine forms the foundation of your skeletal system. Despite diligent exercise and activity, as well as care with movements and lifting, back and spine injuries can happen. Anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy can help with many injuries. However, surgery might be required in some instances to regain complete and pain-free function.

There are many spinal surgical procedures, each with a specific recovery protocol and timeline. The particular recovery process will change the exact recovery process depending on how severe the injury or condition was or how intensive the surgery was. However, there are many things you can do, regardless of the surgery type, to help get back to normal as soon and safely as possible.

The timeline for recovery from spinal surgery generally ranges between several months, like in the cases of discectomy, up to 6 months for more intensive procedures like spinal fusion. In all cases, it is essential not to rush the recovery process and try to shorten the timeline appropriate for your case.

However, it is just as important not to remain in a sitting or stationary position for an extended time. There is a balance between allowing your back to heal as solid as possible while not reducing final flexibility.

Planning ahead of your surgery can make the most significant difference. By trying to get to and maintain a healthy weight before your surgery, you will significantly reduce the stress placed on your back and spine during the delicate healing process.

Setting rehabilitation and therapy appointments ahead of time can also keep you off sometimes extensive wait lists and allow you to begin therapy as soon as possible. If you establish a therapy team before your procedure, they can also help by suggesting changes and ways to make your time at home much easier and more productive for your recovery process.

Don’t let the fear of an intense or complex recovery keep you from getting relief from chronic back pain caused by a spinal condition. Dr. Lipani and the team at Princeton Neurological Surgery in Hamilton Township, NJ, can walk you through a recovery that is right for your specific situation and answer all your questions. Call the office at 609-890-3400 or visit to schedule an appointment.

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