What Previous Patients Would Tell You About Spine Surgery

Being told that you need spine surgery can be alarming, even if you’ve been living with chronic back or neck pain for some time. One of the most unsettling things about needing spine surgery is being unfamiliar with the process. It’s ok, though, because we are familiar with the best practices to achieve the best… Read More »

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2021
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What is Spinal Stenosis and How is it Treated?

Spinal stenosis is one of several conditions that can get in the way of an active, comfortable way of living. It involves the narrowing of the spaces within the spinal canal. As a result of the narrowing, the one or more of the nerve roots that travel through the spinal column can become compressed. Nerve… Read More »

How Back Pain Can Affect Other Parts of the Body

When we hear the term back pain, we may envision a very particular type of pain that is localized to one part of the back. We don’t often consider that a condition like back pain could spread to another area of the body. Only infections and cancer do that. If back pain is felt anywhere… Read More »

Young man with back pain. Man Having Spinal Or Kidney Pain, Backache

Is it Too Late to Get Treatment for My Back Pain?

The number of American adults who live with chronic back or neck pain is staggering. Polls have indicated that back pain is listed as one of the most common reasons for missed work. And yet, the vast majority of people who have a neck or back problem that limits their daily activities to some degree… Read More »

Back Pain in Your Sixties

Back pain affects adults of all ages. Clinical practice and mountains of research have given us a bird’s-eye view of the various reasons people may suffer ongoing back or neck pain. Not only do we better understand the underlying causes for pain, but we can also discern what risks are more prominent at what time… Read More »

Improving Surgical Safety with Intraoperative Monitoring

Spinal procedures are considered major surgery. Specialists like Dr. Lipani use the most conservative surgical techniques as often as possible, and the benefits of a spinal procedure typically outweigh the risks. Regardless, a spinal surgeon is interested in relieving patients’ pain with the lowest amount of risk possible. Where applicable, then, Dr. Lipani performs surgery… Read More »

Sneaky Reasons for Neck and Back Pain Revealed

It is estimated that 42% of Americans work remotely, and that was pre-COVID. In the past year, millions of people switched from working in an office to working in one or more rooms of their home. The kitchen table has become a common workspace, which means that ergonomics may have gone out the window. Working… Read More »

Realistic Expectations for Herniated Disc Repair

When a patient comes to our office to discuss low back pain, one of their greatest concerns is what will happen if they need surgery. Despite significant advances in surgical techniques, many people still assume that back surgery is open, invasive, painful, and complicated in terms of recovery. One of our primary roles in discussing… Read More »

This Could Be Why Your Back Hurts

Many people complain of back or neck pain regularly. This should not be the beginning and end of the issue. Spinal pain does not typically go away on its own. If your discomfort has lasted more than a few weeks, you may want to consult with a spine specialist. The sooner you do this, the… Read More »

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