Tips for Recovering From Spinal Surgery

Man suffering from pain in spine on grey background Our spines are the foundation of our entire muscle and skeletal structure. Not only does most of our spine support our weight, but it must also handle the stress and movements of everyday life.

Back strains and injuries are relatively common despite rigorous stretching and diligent lifting and movement techniques. Although many conservative and non-invasive treatments can help alleviate pain and help with recovery, severe injuries, especially injuries to the spine, may require surgery.

Although requiring the precision hand of a surgeon who specializes in spinal surgery, these procedures generally have very good success rates and, in some cases, may make your back feel better than before. However, this requires the exact following of the recovery plan outlined by your surgeon to give the best chance of successful results.

As with most surgeries, especially those in the area of orthopedics, stabilizing and protecting the surgical area is critical for success. For the first week or 2 after your surgery, you should plan on resting with minimal movement to allow the surgical site and the spinal structures to heal.

However, this does not mean you need to be stationary for the entire recovery process, which generally takes about 6 months up to a year, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Some movement, guarded in the early stages of recovery, can help keep the stabilizing muscles and other structures of your back strong to help your recovery further and help protect the back when you get back to everyday life.

One of the most essential tips to help with recovery from spinal surgery is not to rush the process but follow the instructions of your surgeon and post-operative physical therapist. Although the initial pain and soreness from the surgery may wear off quickly, it is important not to overstress the bones and muscles in your spine and back before they fully heal.

You need the skills and experience of an expert spinal surgeon to give you the best chance of success. Call Dr. John Lipani and the staff at Princeton Neurological surgery in Morristown and Hamilton areas in NJ at 609-890-3400 or visit to learn more about spinal surgery and a recovery plan.

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