Revision Spinal Surgery

What Is Revision Spinal Surgery?

Revision spinal surgery is a procedure that takes place on a patient who has already undergone some form of spine surgery. Typically, by three months following surgery, any lingering pain is resolved. When a patient reports persistent, recurrent or new chronic pain symptoms, revision spinal surgery is sometimes considered. Revision spine surgery is typically performed on the cervical or lumbar spine areas. In the cervical spine, patients may be suffering from failed cervical disc replacement surgery whereas in the lumbar spine patients may be suffering from a failed fusion or pseudoarthrosis.

Revision spinal surgery may also be related to the re-herniation of a disc, infection, hardware failure, non-surgery related spine degeneration, instability, adjacent segment degeneration or pseudarthrosis (failure to achieve solid fusion). Failed spine surgery can occur due to inaccurate diagnosis that results in the wrong surgical approach and/or inadequate surgical correction. At Princeton Neurological Surgery, Dr. Lipani often corrects patients who’ve suffered failed spine surgery at other institutions. His extensive experience includes correcting failed cervical and lumbar decompression (e.g., discectomy, laminectomy), cervical and lumbar fusion and failed cervical artificial disc surgery.

Do You Need Repeat Spine Surgery?

In other instances, factors besides pain can necessitate revision spinal surgery. These may include persistent or worsening numbness, tingling or weakness involving one or more extremity due to improper diagnosis by a previous surgeon. In this case, revision surgery may be warranted because an earlier surgery did not correct the existing problem.

“Amazing surgeon! A friend recommended Dr. Lipani after 2 prior failed spine surgeries by two other surgeons. Dr. Lipani reviewed my case and explained the problem to me unlike any other doctor. If you have been told you need spine surgery, I highly recommend that you see Dr. Lipani. You’ll be so glad you did. Thanks to Dr. Lipani, I can walk again pain free. I never imagined that would happen!” -George S.

Revision Surgery For The Spine

Fusion failure is often a problem that results in a need for revision spinal surgery. Although spinal fusion is performed to successfully treat chronic neck and back pain that results from a number of different causes, sometimes these procedures are unsuccessful. Failed fusions may occur because the patient did not heal properly often times due to chronic illness that results in immune suppression such as diabetes or renal failure. When a patient fails to fuse (e.g., when 2 vertebrae fail to connect to become one bone) the internal hardware may loosen within the bone causing the spinal segment to become unstable. Other complications of spinal fusion include eventual spinal degeneration just above or below where the fusion was performed. A patient may also develop recurrent or worsening spinal stenosis or spinal instability at adjacent levels.

Revision surgical fusion involves implanting a new bone graft to the affected area, as well as an external bone growth stimulator to promote bone formation in some cases. Previous instrumentation placed within the spine may be removed and replaced during this procedure to allow the new bone graft to take and heal properly .

The Decision To Undergo Repeat Spinal Surgery

The decision to undergo revision spine surgery depends on the diagnosis made after the initial failure. In many cases, the cause of spinal surgery failure is complicated and therefore may only be accurately assessed by spine surgeons with extensive experience treating failed spinal surgery. Revision spine surgery is a much more complicated procedure than initial spine surgery and carries more risks for patients. Despite this, revision spine surgery can restore a patient’s quality of life with an accurate diagnosis and appropriate surgical approach.

At Princeton Neurological Surgery, Dr. Lipani has extensive knowledge and experience treating patients who have failed spinal surgery at other institutions.

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