The Top Myths About Spinal Surgery

Concept of healthy spine When most people think of spinal surgery, they believe that they will have to endure excruciating pain and remain bed-ridden for several months.

The misconceptions surrounding spinal surgery can make the procedure seem intimidating, but recent advancements have led to less invasive procedures and much shorter recovery times.

However, if you are still uncomfortable with the thought of a spinal procedure, let’s go through the myths associated with the surgery and put your mind at ease.

Myth 1: You Will Need Months to Recover From Surgery

We all lead busy lives that don’t allow for much downtime. As a result, many people suffer from pain unnecessarily because they are concerned about missing work.

Modern technology eases these concerns. Minimally invasive procedures use smaller incisions,  cutting down the recovery time as a result.

In most situations, patients usually return home after 2-3 days.

Myth 2: Spine Surgery Causes More Pain

A common concern among patients is that they will have more pain after the surgery than they did before. While there is some pain involved in the recovery process, it’s far less debilitating than more traditional surgical options.

By using a smaller incision point, minimally invasive spinal surgery cuts down on the amount of pain that you experience after your procedure.

You can expect some discomfort after surgery, but you can combat this by speaking with your doctor about a pain management regimen.

Myth 3: I Will Lose Mobility

Many fear that getting back surgery means that they will lose the ability to walk or be unable to get back to doing the things that they love.

Minimally invasive procedures aim to correct chronic conditions that hold you back.

It is generally expected for you to be able to walk around a few hours after your procedure, and you should be able to resume your regular activities after about 2 months depending on your fitness level.

If you find yourself dealing with chronic pain, MISS may be an option that can help.

Be sure to set up your consultation with Dr. Lipani at Princeton Neurological Surgery at our locations in Hamilton or Bridgewater, NJ by calling us at 609-568-0919.

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