Recovering from Spinal Fusion Surgery

Asian woman Office syndrome backache hand touching back pain The decision to undergo spinal fusion surgery is not an easy one. While success rates are very high with this type of operation, a lot of the success depends on the dedication to postoperative care and recovery vitally important. Many factors determine how long the recovery will be and what is required during that time. However, the team at Princeton Neurological Surgery will help you achieve all the benefits of spinal fusion surgery.

Since this type of operation involves the grafting and development of new bone in the space between the targeted vertebrae, external support is crucial for a successful fusion without abnormally solidified bone shapes. The first few days after the surgery, will be spent in the hospital. Once stable, your doctor and physical therapists will start the recovery by helping to walk, while wearing a rigid back brace to keep your spine perfectly aligned.

Once you can walk on your own, generally within a few days, you will be discharged to go home and begin recurring physical therapy sessions. The time up until the third month after surgery is crucial for bone fusion to occur and strengthen. During this time avoid twisting your spine and lifting anything over 10 or 15 points. The more you can keep your spine straight, the better the results will be.

From there, your doctor and physical therapy team will determine your specific recovery plan. Dedication to the exercises and movements shown during your physical therapy sessions is the best way to have the most successful recovery. Depending on the specific type of spinal fusion surgery and where on the spine it occurred, it may be between 8 and 18 months for complete recovery back to full strength.

If you are considering spinal fusion surgery and are concerned with the recovery, contact the team at Princeton Neurological Surgery in Hamilton Township, NJ, at 609-890-3400 today. The doctors and staff members will answer all your questions so you can focus on working towards a pain-free life, instead of worrying about a complicated recovery.

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