What Conditions Can A Lumbar Decompression Treat?

lumbar decompression When nerves in the lower back get compressed or pushed together by pressure, it can cause severe pain, tingling, or even numbness in the legs and feet, which can affect simple daily tasks such as walking. This pressure can occur as a result of a car accident or even a pinched nerve. When the pain becomes unmanageable, or a patient’s spine hasn’t been responsive to other nonsurgical treatments, a lumbar decompression surgery may be needed.

Through this minimally-invasive procedure, the lumbar decompression surgery will allow patients to feel pain relief from the following conditions:

Spinal Stenosis

Due to aging and wear and tear, the spinal canal may narrow, increasing pressure in the spine and causing pain in the lower back and neck. Common symptoms are muscle weakness, numbness, and muscle pain. At times, this condition can be treated with medication and constant physical therapy. However, if pain doesn’t improve, you may need decompression treatment.

Slipped Disc or Sciatica

A slipped disc in the spine is known to cause severe pain or sciatica. This pain can originate in the lower back and shoot all the way down through the leg and to the foot, making walking or standing difficult for people with this condition.

Spinal Injury

Car accidents are the top cause of spinal injuries in the US. However, this condition also affects sports players and those who are highly active. Trauma to the spine may cause damage to the nerves in the back. Without treatment, this condition can lead to paralysis and affect the patient’s ability to walk.

Lumbar Decompression Surgery With Dr. John Lipani

Considered a Top Surgeon in New Jersey, the board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Lipani, is an expert in non-invasive surgeries that aim to bring you back to a pain-free life. If you want to learn more about how a lumbar decompression surgery can help you, call (609) 890-3400 or click here to schedule your first consultation at one of our offices in New York and New Jersey.

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