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Your Back or Neck Pain Deserves Special Care

Back & Neck Pain Back and neck pain accounts for the majority of missed days of work. While there could be several reasons to explain the occurrence of chronic or recurrent pain, most people tend to chalk this problem up to age. We can understand why. Instances of back and neck pain do increase as we get older. This isn’t to say that it’s normal. It is not. The best way to explain this phenomenon is to say that an older body has been through more physical wear and tear than a younger body. Still, we should not normalize back pain as a side-effect of aging. What we should do instead is give the various discomforts that occur the special care they deserve. Here, we discuss the value of putting your back or neck pain into the hands of a specialist.

A specialist with advanced training in spinal conditions can:

  1. Quickly get to the source of pain. The spine is complex. Symptoms such as localized or radiating pain may be related to a herniated disc or a degree of degradation in a joint or other portion of a spinal segment. Without an accurate diagnosis, it is nearly impossible to formulate an effective treatment plan.
  2. Develop a focused, effective treatment plan. Because a spine specialist has expanded knowledge of the multiple structures that make up the spinal column, they have the direct experience needed to develop appropriate treatment protocols. Often, recommended treatment is much more conservative than a patient expects. What matters most, however, is that the proposed treatment is sufficient for reducing pain and restoring a higher quality of life.
  3. See and navigate obstacles. Treatment options for back pain are not without their unique potential obstacles. A specialist is usually more familiar with some of the pitfalls patients may experience with physical therapy, medications, nonsurgical procedures, and surgical intervention. Knowing potential obstacles can help maintain a positive path toward rehabilitation.

You deserve the best healthcare that is available to diagnose and treat back or neck pain. Contact Princeton Neurological Surgery at 609-568-0919 to schedule a consultation at a location near you.

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