Why Spine Pain can be So Challenging to Tackle

a man has back pain in the sunset time Back and neck pain account for most of our country’s missed work. Many people who complain of painful spine conditions report having pain several days out of each month. With back and neck pain such common complaints, one might think that we would have sufficient systems to deal with them. This isn’t the case. Often, people who develop back or neck pain live with their frustrating symptoms for months or years. It doesn’t have to be this way. As a neurologist with a practice focus on spinal conditions, Dr. Lipani understands that there are several things that can get in the way of resolving spine pain. We’ll discuss them here.


If we tend to eat fast food on a daily basis, we may not be surprised by weight gain or signs of inflammation. Similarly, when a person has ongoing back or neck pain, we’ve got to look at their daily habits. There are numerous physical factors that can contribute to spine pain. Looking down at our phones, we are continually placing stress on the cervical spine. If we work in a job that requires lifting and we aren’t careful about body mechanics, our lower back could be placed under excessive amounts of stress. When spine pain persists for more than a few days or cannot be tied to a known injury, it is beneficial to consider how daily habits may be perpetuating the pain cycle.


We have come to rely so strongly on technology and the internet in recent decades that a large percentage of the population searches online for answers before seeking professional assistance. When dealing with back or neck pain, this approach can do one of two things; it can lead down so many rabbit holes that it creates unnecessary stress, or it can lead a person to think they know the cause of their back pain when they don’t. To be frank, we think that self-diagnosis is nearly always a misdiagnosis. If you are experiencing spine pain, understand that there could be multiple different reasons that explain your symptoms. To get the right treatment, it is absolutely necessary to begin with an accurate diagnosis. A neurologist specializing in spinal conditions is a great place to start.

It Takes Work

Treatments for back and neck pain are nearly always nonsurgical at first. Doctors consider surgery only when absolutely necessary, such as when conservative therapies have not achieved the desired outcome. To that point, then, it is essential that patients understand the necessity of strictly adhering to their treatment plan. If a doctor prescribes physical therapy, which they often will, it is crucial that all appointments occur as scheduled. Furthermore, patients must put the work in to rehabilitate their spine and surrounding structures by doing their prescribed exercises and stretches in between sessions. Back and neck pain rarely resolve on their own or after just one treatment. Some of the responsibility of healing falls on the patient.

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