Treatment Methods For Spinal Stenosis

Doctor examining of a patients back with a focus on the lumbar region. Along with protecting our spinal cord, your spinal column supports your skeletal system and controls the movement of your torso. Between each vertebra is a small gap with a disc to form the joints along the spine. The discs are essential to maintain this space but can be easily injured or compressed.

When this gap narrows enough, the vertebrae may form bone spurs and, if left untreated, may begin to fuse. This condition is called spinal stenosis and, along with slipped and herniated discs, is one of the most common issues of the spine.

Although spinal stenosis can cause significant pain and other issues in the spine if left untreated, some options can relieve the pain and, in many cases, slow or reverse the progression. Depending on how severe the stenosis is, your surgeon may perform a decompression or spinal fusion.

Since spinal stenosis can rarely be diagnosed by an external exam, imaging such as MRI or CT scans rule out other spinal conditions and give an accurate look at how severe the stenosis is.

If the condition is treated early enough, conservative methods such as physical therapy and beginning more conservative with activities and movement can provide some relief. However, more invasive treatment may be needed to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord from the stenosis.

Of these, surgical decompression of the affected disc or fusion of the affected vertebrae can safely resolve the condition. Although these treatments will require rest and a recovery period after the procedure, these treatments come with a very high success rate at not just relieving the pain from spinal stenosis but stopping the progression and helping maintain a healthy back and spinal cord.

If you have chronic back pain that does not go away on its own, Dr. Lipani has the experience and skill to accurately diagnose and treat spinal conditions, many of which have similar symptoms. Call Princeton Neurological Surgery in Hamilton, NJ, at 609-890-3400 or visit to schedule an exam today.

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