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Spinal Fusion Surgery Offers Distinct Benefits

Back and neck pain can be treated in several different ways, most of which do not involve surgery. Even a spinal surgeon will lean toward nonsurgical modalities unless surgery is deemed the only way to improve a patient’s comfort and quality of life. The assumption that a spinal specialist will want to promote surgical treatments only is false and it has prevented many people from getting adequate medical care in time to avoid unnecessary pain and stress. If you’re in pain, see a doctor. Surgery, when necessary, may be discussed so you can understand the benefits the procedure offers. Here, we discuss the reasons why spinal fusion may be beneficial.

  • Spinal fusion is intended to increase stability. In a healthy situation, spinal flexibility is needed for a comfortable range of motion. However, sometimes, the spine is too mobile in between two or more joints. This can lead to problems like a herniated or bulging disc. Spinal fusion joins two adjacent vertebra, decreasing motion in the affected area. This fortifies the spine to carry a normal physical load.
  • Spinal fusion can help a wide variety of patients. The fusion of two spinal vertebra may be necessary in several different circumstances. The procedure may help relieve pain caused by a fracture to the spine, spondylolisthesis, facet joint disease, and poor outcome from previous surgery. Where space has been narrowed or the integrity of the spine has been compromised, fusion may be ideal. This is not to say that spinal fusion is right for every person. Dr. Lipani is careful to make recommendations based only on the information obtained through a comprehensive consultation and examination. Imaging may also be performed to observe the spinal structure in detail. It is important to note that, whenever possible, conservative therapies are suggested before surgery.
  • Spinal fusion may decrease the potential need for future back surgery. While nonsurgical modalities are considered first, there is also value in the surgical approach to certain conditions. In particular, spinal fusion may be a better option than decompression surgery in some cases. This is because the joining of two discs increases stability in the affected spinal segment.

Back pain need not degrade your quality of life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lipani in our Hamilton, NJ office at (609) 890-3400. During your visit, you can learn the factors contributing to your pain and the best solutions based on your case.

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