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Is it Too Late to Get Treatment for My Back Pain?

Young man with back pain. Man Having Spinal Or Kidney Pain, Backache The number of American adults who live with chronic back or neck pain is staggering. Polls have indicated that back pain is listed as one of the most common reasons for missed work. And yet, the vast majority of people who have a neck or back problem that limits their daily activities to some degree hesitate when it is suggested that they see a spine specialist. Dr. Lipani sees numerous people every month who say they couldn’t wait any longer. They also say they are somewhat concerned that it is too late for them to get the help they need to live a quality life. Here, we discuss why anytime back pain is impacting livelihood is a good time to get treatment.

Don’t Put Care Off Any Longer

We rely on our spine for every single physical movement we make. So, when we develop a problem such as a pinched nerve or herniated disc, there is a high likelihood that we will feel pain on a daily basis. That is the ideal time to seek a thorough consultation and examination with a spinal specialist. That is also the time when most people try to push through or ignore the pain they are feeling. They want to believe that their comfort will improve over time if they rest enough or stop doing certain things. In truth, pushing through often leads to worsening pain because the culprit is usually one or more of the daily activities a person does. 

Whether you have been struggling with back or neck pain for a few months or for several years, don’t put care off any longer. It’s never too late to find out what is causing your pain and what a doctor can do to help you feel better. In our offices in the Princeton area, patients sit and talk with Dr. Lipani about their symptoms and history. The doctor performs a physical examination to better understand the origin of pain, and may order special imaging such as x-rays or CT scans of the spine. These steps lead to a personalized treatment plan that can start improving comfort sooner rather than later. 

Treatment for back or neck pain is often more conservative than patients expect. The objective of treatment is to quickly begin to resolve painful symptoms. A doctor may first attempt to achieve this with medication, rest, and physical therapy. Injection therapy may be performed to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible. In some cases, the injury to the spine and pressure on a nerve root is too severe to avoid surgery. When surgery is needed, Dr. Lipani utilizes minimally invasive techniques as much as possible. 

It’s never too late to seek treatment for back or neck pain. Princeton Neurological Surgery has offices in multiple NJ cities to serve you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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