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How to Prepare for Your Consultation with a Spine Specialist

Back and neck pain are not normal. However, these are two of the most common problems that adults live with. Many people tolerate chronic pain for months or years before seeking medical care. We understand why. There are a few common reasons. One is that people often do not think their pain will last. Over time, they get used to their “normal” aches and pains, so fail to get proper treatment. Another reason for procrastination is the fear of needing surgery. We want to assure you that a reputable physician like Dr. Lipani does not recommend surgery unless nonsurgical remedies do not offer meaningful improvement.

Knowing that spinal pain is not normal and that your spine specialist will not rush to the idea of surgery, you may be ready to schedule a consultation. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your first visit.

  • Consult with a specialist, not your primary care physician. General doctors have a wealth of knowledge but do not have the same degree of focus as a specialist. To fully understand the cause of chronic pain, it is necessary to speak with a doctor who has extensive knowledge of the spinal structure.
  • Keep track of symptoms before your appointment. If you’ve lived with neck or back pain for some time, you may have stopped paying close attention to details. Your doctor will need to know how severe your pain is, where it is, how long it lasts, if it seems to be triggered by certain activities, and so on. You can provide the necessary detail by beginning to write down your symptoms a week or more before your consultation.
  • Don’t be shy. There are two ways that patients are shy with a new doctor. One way is to withhold information. Not telling your doctor the complete truth could impact your treatment plan, so resist this urge. Another way that patients are shy is by not asking all of their questions. Dr. Lipani wants to empower patients to decide what is most appropriate for them. The only way they can do this confidently is to have all of their questions answered. Ask away! In fact, bring a pen and notepad to your appointment so you can write down new questions that may arise, as well as their answers.

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