Brain Tumors

The diagnosis of a brain tumor can cause great distress to an individual and his/her family due to the possible serious complications involved with the disease and the uncertainties regarding the cause of the tumor. Certainly, brain tumor surgery is not without risk since healthy brain tissue can be damaged during the procedure. Therefore, it is often desirable to treat brain tumors by using the least invasive means possible.

“Many patients are unaware of the non-invasive or knifeless option for treatment of brain tumors. With the high success of radiosurgery at the JD Lipani Radiosurgery Institute, open brain surgery can often be avoided. With careful post-treatment monitoring, disease progression can be prevented.”

– Dr. Lipani

Brain Tumor Treatment and Surgery Options

As part of our efforts to treat brain tumors using the least invasive techniques, our team of specialist doctors in Princeton, New Jersey has adopted the latest image-guided, non-invasive technology to treat brain tumors. Due to its overwhelming success, non-invasive brain surgery technology is being pursued by various brain tumor treatment centers throughout the world. Not all specialists, however, have the knowledge and clinical expertise necessary in order to use this new technology to treat patients most effectively. The key for patients is finding the ones who do.

Our brain tumor treatment recommendations are generally based on the following considerations:

  • The type of tumor
  • The grade of tumor
  • Where the tumor is located in the brain
  • Whether the tumor requires resection
  • Whether the tumor is resectable

All brain tumor surgeries and treatments carry some degree of risk. However, the risk of not proceeding with treatment can be significantly greater. Our brain tumor treatment services are extremely advanced and effective, and our experience treating these conditions is unmatched.

Our team of experienced specialists can help you through this difficult time by effectively:

  • Diagnosing the type of brain tumor
  • Providing you with a prognosis and expectations
  • Counseling you on all your treatment options
  • Treating your tumor(s)
  • Following your progress

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Early detection is critically important in the treatment of brain tumors, and expedient action may be required in order to prevent irreversible damage or further tumor growth. Some common brain tumor symptoms are listed below:

  • Frequent headaches that worsen when coughing, sneezing or bending over
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Personality changes that interrupt daily living activities
  • New onset seizures
  • Cognitive decline when performing standard tasks
  • Visual and/or hearing problems
  • Unilateral weakness
  • Speech difficulty, such as the slurring of words or sentences

Should you notice any of the above, or a combination of symptoms that persists over an extended period of time, please seek medical attention immediately. Many of our patients come from the Greater Princeton NJ area; however, we also serve patients from the Greater New York City (NYC) and Philadelphia areas. Your care and well-being are our top priority, and we pledge to provide you with the best opportunity for a full recovery.

Dr. Lipani performs neurosurgeries correcting brain tumors in hospitals around New Jersey. Because he has over 15 years of experience, Dr. Lipani knows how to communicate with his patients and ensure they receive the correct neurosurgery option for them.

If you would like more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, feel free to fill out our convenient contact form or call us directly at (609) 890-3400.

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