Richard, 36 – Cervical Disc Herniation Patient

I was working construction when I suddenly experienced neck pain that ran down my left arm and into my fingers. I also had numbness and tingling in my left hand. I thought I pulled a muscle and hoped it would just go away after a few days. But several weeks later I could no longer raise my hand above my head. At that point my wife begged me to see a doctor. My doctor ordered an MRI and recommended that I see a neurosurgeon immediately. I was very nervous at this point as the strength in my left arm was getting worse. I saw Dr. Lipani who recommended surgery. He explained how a large disc in my neck was hitting the nerve to my arm and causing weakness. Without surgery I risked permanent injury and disability. At this point I was completely freaking out. I could not risk losing the strength in my left arm. My family depended on me to be able to perform my job that required heavy lifting. Dr. Lipani calmed me down by telling me that although my problem was urgent, he had dealt with these situations many times before. After my surgery I opened my eyes to see Dr. Lipani at my bedside. Dr. Lipani told me to reach up and touch his hand using my left arm. And I did! It was truly amazing! I am so grateful to Dr. Lipani and his staff for all their help during that time.

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