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The Anatomy of Back Pain

We don’t often think about the many benefits of a functional back until basic functions like bending over to sit down have been disrupted by pain. The spine supports everything we do, from walking across a parking lot to lying comfortably in bed at night. Because the spine is constantly in use in some way,… Read More »

How to Prevent Spinal Injuries

Spine injuries can occur for a multitude of reasons. They’re painful, inconvenient, and sometimes very dangerous to our health. Although there isn’t always a cure for a spinal trauma, it can typically be prevented. Let’s look at how to reduce your risk of spinal injury, partially according to the Mayo Clinic, below. Top 5 Ways… Read More »

Tips for Safer Lifting

Many back injuries occur during lifting. To help protect your back and avoid painful injury, follow these safer lifting tips: First, plan and prepare for the lift. It only takes a moment to ensure your safety, but the pain of a back injury can be long lasting! Ensure you have a safe and clear path.… Read More »

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